Solution Managers International provides Professional Staffing Solution services and Management Consulting.

Our recognized professional staffing team offers leading industry placements in finance, accounting, pharmaceuticals, health and information technology.  At Solution Managers International, Inc., we do more than just match candidates to job openings. Our staffing team works closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications, skills and personality needed. We have an extensive interviewing process to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients.

Our management consultants create, design and build new as well as maintain business models and help our clients integrate and operate them. We work with you to take and turn theory into practice and shape strategies right through from inception to execution. Our suite of services deliver tangible business outcomes for our clients and are built on both industry and business expertise.

Specialties: Creatively Solving Complex Problems, Designing/Restructuring Critical Processes, Maintain and or Build Internal Business Infrastructures, Maintaining/Integrating Business Application Models, Information Technology.